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[[File:WME placemenu 2018.png|left]] Hover over this button to show place categories. Hover over the place category you want, then choose the point [[File:Wme placepoint 2018.png]] or area [[File:Wme placearea 2018.png]] button to add the place. Use the [[##Left_Pane_when_a_Place_is_selected|left pane]] to change information about the place. For an area place, use [[#Geometry|geometry]] nodes of the place to change its shape. For an area place or a point place, set the [[Places#Area_placement|Entry-Exit Point]] using the menu. [[File:Wme entry-exit point 2018.png]]
NOTE: At this point in time we can only set one Entry Point for a given place. Further updates A future update may come in the future that allow morethan one Entry Point to be entered.
====Draw segments menu====