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Please do not create a new city name without asking first.
=== Road Types, Names, Speed Limits, and Functional Classification (FC) ===
In South Carolina, we follow the general [[Road_types_usa#Quick_reference_chart|US standards for road types]] based on the hybrid rule of FC and Route Type. All FC is complete in the raid areas. If you find a mistake or a road that might need upgrading please contact your group leader or a SC SM. '''DO NOT make changes to any road types without asking the group leader or a SC SM first. '''
Some notes:
* Where roads cross divided roadways, the section crossing the median should have no name. The "none" box should be checked. [[Navigation_instructions_for_unnamed_segments#Connecting_street_between_the_lanes_of_a_divided_highway|Read more about a connecting street between the lanes of a divided highway]].
'''These general guidelines should be used for adding missing speed limits to segments. If you are unsure of a speed limit on a segment(s) do not add it.'''
*Speed limits can vary greatly in SC. We have non freeway road types that can have signs for 15mph, 20mph, 25mph, 30mph, 35mph, 40mph, 45mph, 50mph, 55mph, and 60mph. Please look for signs. Many, but not all roads will have a posted speed limit.
*If there is a posted black and white speed limit sign use that for the speed limit.
*If a road has no speed limit sign '''and the absence of a sign can be confirmed in street view''' use the following:
**Residential areas - 30mph.
**Non-residential areas inside city limits - 35mph.
**Outside city limits - 55mph.
*Please note many newer residential developments or subdivisions use 25mph for the posted speed and are almost always signed. Also, it can often be difficult to determine residential vs. non-residential in some areas. '''Remember, if you are not sure, ask the RC, a SC SM, or a group leader before entering a speed limit.'''
===Road Locks===