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==== Configuration ====
Multiple methods exist for forcing instructions on highway continuations, such as matching the road type of both outgoing segments even where it creates a discontinuity or falsely using an alternate name on the non-continuation side to match the continuation side. Since Waze editors have the ability to create turn instruction overrides, the preferred approach is to use correct road types and alternate names, stubs named to match signage and turn instruction overrides where necessary. This includes preserving name continuity by adding route designations as alt names on continuation stubs. Name and road type continuity through wayfinders allows [[Detour_Prevention_Mechanisms#Big_detours|big detour prevention (BDP)]] to work properly, where applicable, and improves the overall appearance of the map.
[[File:s-in-s-out.png|300px|right]]Each wayfinder configuration will have one ''in'' segment and (usually) two stub or continuous ''out'' segments.