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West Virginia/WV MapRaid 2018

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'''Complete each segment before moving on'''. When you find a point on the map to do an edit, please take the time to finish all the associated items with that edit before moving on. The basemap wiki is an excellent checklist for editing roads even if you are working on a road that is not basemap. Please refer to the guidance in the MapRaid Goals section for more information.
'''Anything locked at 5 or 6 (or locked above the minimum lock standards)?''' Please check with a'''''''' '''''[[User:LdriveskierWest_Virginia/WV Raid 2018WV_MapRaid_2018#WV Raid LeadershipRaid_Leadership_Team|'''West Virginia SM''']]''' ''''''before making changes. Rank 5 and 6 editors - consider keeping highlights active for locks.
'''West Virginia uses the concept of True Elevation on segments within the State.''' The use of True Elevation (TE) is to better represent segments in relationship with its surroundings/ground level. For more information please review the [[West_Virginia#True_Elevation|WV True Elevation Guidance]] page. Note that we do '''NOT''' use True Elevation on Freeway or Ramp segments.
* If an address is outside the bounds of a [[Glossary#CDP|CDP]], include the USPS City as an alternate.
* Steps 3 and 4 above may be included in the wme-wv-gis-map script (step 2), depending on the County.
̈If you get confused digging through all of the different GIS sites, which will probably happen (it has to all of us), please contact a member of the ''' [[User:LdriveskierWest_Virginia/WV Raid 2018WV_MapRaid_2018#WV Raid LeadershipRaid_Leadership_Team|Raid Leadership team]] '''for guidance.
==== Route Naming ====
West Virginia uses the WV-XXX format for all State Routes. For County Routes, CR-XX or CR-XX/YY is used. There are no Township Roads (TR-XXX) in West Virginia. In a few limited cases, there are special road names in use; if you see one, please do not delete it or ask a question first prior to deleting it. More detail and examples can be found here on the [[West Virginia/Major roads|WV Route Naming]] page.
==== City Names ====
This is clarification for City Name guidance done during this MapRaid. Full guidance for West Virginia can be found on the [[West Virginia/Cities and towns|WV Cities and Towns]] page. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact a member of the ''' [[User:LdriveskierWest_Virginia/WV Raid 2018WV_MapRaid_2018#WV Raid LeadershipRaid_Leadership_Team|Raid Leadership team]]'''. Please ensure that you have the [[West Virginia/WV MapRaid#Recommended Tools for MR West Virginia|Recommended Tools]] installed as these will help with Identifying City/CDP and USPS Zip Codes.
# The city name for the primary name is either the CDP name, incorporated city name, or None.
# If the segment falls within a City or CDP, then '''all''' alternate segment names should also include the same City/CDP. '''Do not''' add any USPS Zip Code City as an alternate city name. Example:[[File:PrimaryCDP.JPG|center]]
=== Functional Classification ===
'''Functional Classification (FC) Will Not Be Part Of This Raid.''' Information on FC in West Virginia can be found on the [[usa:West_Virginia/Major_roads#Functional_Classification|here]]. If you feel a road is incorrectly classified, please consult with a [[User:LdriveskierWest_Virginia/WV Raid 2018WV_MapRaid_2018#WV Raid LeadershipRaid_Leadership_Team|West Virginia SM]] before changing the road type.
=== MAR Minimum Road Lock Standard ===
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