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New York/AM/Editor/Area2

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{{AM/Editor|Muanya|2|I81 corridor, Watertown, Nassau county,Brooklyn,Queens|lives in valley stream|gho = Christopher Emeagwali|pic=File:Avatar muanya.jpg}}
{{AM/Editor|nap14hockey|2|Buffalo/WNY||pic=File:Avatar Nap14hockey.jpg|||gho = Nick Perry| }}
{{AM/Editor|NathanHirschWard|2|Westchester County (also in Southern VT and parts of Southwestern CT)}}
{{AM/Editor|NHBlueBimmer|2|Catskills, Adirondacks, and surrounding area.|Living and editing in NH}}
{{AM/Editor|nikrg1|2|Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, & occasionally Staten Island. (Also in CT)}}