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West Virginia/Closures

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Sources For Road Closures
===WV Closure Tracking===
Below you will find the google form and the google sheet currently being used to track closures in West Virginia. The form is for use by anyone and feeds information the sheet. The sheet is used by those that can implement the closures.
* [ WV Closure Form]
* [ WV Closures Sheet]
The [ WV Closures filler WME Form Filler Script] is a Form Filler Script that saves a lot of time for the people adding closures to the sheet. You will need tampermonkey in order to install the script. This script serves many purposes, including the USA VEOC, so be sure to choose "WV closures" from the pulldown to feed the correct sheet. Please populate the sheet via either the form or the form filler script to be sure all of the automated features of the sheet work properly.
=====WV Closure Sheet informatioɲ=====
Further information is Available in the Wazeo Tab of WV Closure Sheet
=====WME Suggestions=====
Do not make any edits to a segment that will force a change of the segment id. If the segment id changes you will need to wait for a tile update before you can add a closure to the segment.
Zoom Levels... When creating a PL for a closure please be sure you are zoomed to at least Level 4 [100 M | 500 Ft]
=====US County Overlays==Finding closure locations===
Important below you will find a county overlay The [ WV Counties Overlay] script that will show the boundaries and the county name. This is very important to use so that you can verify you are closing the correct road segment in the correct county. Some road names are used in more than one county.
The [ WV Counties Overlaygeometry and measures]site helps to locate any road given the county and route numbers using the search at the lower left to build a route ID, including finding mileposts if that information is available.
=== Sources For Road Closures ===
* []* [ DriveForwardWV]
WV DOT Work Zones:
* [ District 1] [Boone, Clay, Kanawha, Mason, Putnam]