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{{AM/Editor|Djsmith89|3|I-95 Corridor south of Boston to SR-24 corridor, towns above RI to Uxbridge, north to Upton|Local to the area, grew up here}}
{{AM/Editor|jnh73|3|Route 95 and 93 corridors; South Shore|Born in Mass., live in N.H.}}
{{AM/Editor|QuebecRefugee|3|Pioneer Valley, Hilltowns & the BerkshiresHolyoke/Chicopee Area|Live in Western MA, work on projects throughout MA and CT.|[[File:C:\Users\jpdja\Pictures\Quebec Flag 90.jpg|thumbnail]]|gho=Dan|badge1=am}}
{{AM/Editor|rmcmanusjr|3|Pittsfield and Tyringham Areas|with travel throughout the state|gho=Roger|badge1=am}}
{{AM/Editor|tenetienne|3|Northeastern Mass|MetroWest - Been here since '75|gho=tenetienne}}