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Turn instruction override

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Continue TIO: Rephrase "Counterintuitive continue confirmation" benefit explanation.
*'''Surprise management.''' Alerting the driver to a potentially surprising change in roadway character (for example from a surface street to a freeway onramp) or to an unexpected and possibly problematic change in the roadway's legal/financial status;
*'''Counterintuitive continue confirmation.''' Confirming a Continue where continuing is difficult or that one should continue ahead even if doing so seems discouraged compared to conflict with other choicesroadway, traffic, or where the continuation of the road name involves turningsignage cues.;
*'''Long-haul transition notification.''' Advising of transitions to major roadways that the driver may be on for great distances, particularly when transitioning "up" to such roadways from less-significant routes; and
*'''Exit renumbering notification (controversial).''' Marking a change in freeway exit numbering.