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R5 November 2017
==Wiki Contributionscontributions==
[[User:Kartografer/Map protection]] first wiki editing attempt to clear up some formatting and add throttle info
[[User:Kartografer/Prewritten messages]] messages for new editors
[[User:Kartografer/Basemap]] wrote a new national page on basemap, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Map Comments]] new global page, pending indefinitely
[[User:Kartografer/Map comments]] new local national page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Scheduled reconfigurations]] new local national page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Hospital]] small draft revision
[[User:Kartografer/Closed place]] new section on closed places, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Airport]] new national page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Military base]] draft on capitalization
[[User:Kartografer/Wayfinder]] split from JSG/Interchanges, '''approved for USA'''
== Projects ==
* Detour prevention testing to determine direct route full name and type continuity requirement and detour name and type discontinuity requirements only at the last segment
* Junction box difficult turns testing and bug reporting
* Junction box instruction overrides and alternative routes testing and reporting
* Toll pass and HOV testing and bug reporting
* Regional project on unsafe lane crossing times
* State of the state and state of the region UR & MP reports
* Subway ad pins
* Red Lobster ad pins
* Panera Bread ad pins
* Presentation planning for GLR meetup 2017
== Meetups ==
* First US Waze Cafe initiated October 2016, held in Columbus, OH, January 2017
* Second Waze Cafe in Columbus, February 2018
== Mentoring ==
sandcrawler (formal, R1 to R2, inactive)
RainMan3699 (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
theKTR101 (formal, R2 to R3, in progress)
AProdzilla (informal, R2 help)
buckeyeguy857 (informal, AM review help)
tonkamedic (formal, R1 to R2, inactive)
mchueby (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
mmilliron501 (formal along with RonRover, R2 to R3, complete)
GuideOnGirl (formal along with Dude495, R1 to R2, in progress)
SethSpeedy28 (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
== Map raid participation ==
Rhode Island, March 2016
India, April 2016
South Africa, May 2016
Massachusetts speed limits, April 2016
New Hampshire speed limits, July 2016
West Virginia, January 2017
China, August 2017
MMR X, November 2017
Russia, February 2018
== VEOC ==
Hurricane Matthew 2016 (closure reporting)
Hurricane Harvey 2017 (closure and reopening reporting)
Hurricane Irma 2017 (closure and shelter reporting)