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New York/UR Project/UR guidance

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Generally adhere to the USA guidelines. Added comment on what is NI and what us "solved"
Generally, we follow the [[Update_Requests|USA Update Requests Guidelines]]. '''We will use a 1-4-10 timing system for all URs which require User Input'''. This means that any UR which is closed as "Not Identified" will be open for at least 14 days after the first comment from an editor. If you need to ask more questions, you need to wait up to 14 days for a response to each question, so the UR might be open much longer. If you understand the solution for a UR immediately and do not need to ask questions, you may be able to close the UR the first time you look at it.
* We work as a team. Anyone may send a first response or reminder notice. If the problem is not identified and the reminder time has expired, anyone may close it. If we have a new idea, we discuss it with the other editor(s) working the UR.
* UR reporters and other editors are all respected members of the community and partners in closing URs. We treat everone with respect and courtesy. Even when they are wrong or make an unpleasant response. :)
* Always close with an appropriate, targetted comment thanking the UR reporter for helping with the map.
* What's the difference between a Solved UR and a Not Identified UR? If there was an issue that was figured out and/or corrected, and if that fix involved a change to the map, then all the URS related to that issue can be closed as "solved". Otherwise, the UR should be closed "Not Identified". So if you solved the reporter's problem by helping them to use waze better, without getting changes made to the map, that UR should be closed as Not Identified. If you come across an old UR related to a problem that has since been fixed, then the UR should be closed "Not Identified" with an explanation to the reporter.
====The 1-4-10 system for working on URs====
=====When you can solve a UR without additional user input=====
*** '''IF YOU CAN NOW SOLVE THE UR''' return to '''When you can solve a UR without additional user input'''
*'''Day 14:'''
** '''IF''' it has been '''10 DAYS SINCE THE REMINDER''' (there was no response to the most recent request and reminder)
*** '''IF YOU CANNOT SOLVE THE UR''' then '''LEAVE A COMMENT''' and click '''MARK as NOT IDENTIFIED''' and '''CLOSE IT'''
*** '''IF YOU ARE VERY SURE YOU HAVE SOLVED THE UR'' but were simply waiting for confirmation from the reporter '''LEAVE A COMMENT''' and click '''MARK as SOLVED''' and ''SAVE IT'''
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