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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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Hover over this button [[File:Wme roadsmenu 2018.png]] to choose between road types:
* Road
* [[Road_types#Walking_Trails|Pedestrian path]] (not used presently for all walking trails)
* Roundabout
* Camera
* [[Junction box|Junction Box]] (can only be created by editors of rank {{rank|JB - Only for Level 5+ editors at this time}} and above)
View this [[Edits_to_avoid#Red_roads_.C2.A0.C2.A0|<span style="color:red"><big>page</big></span>]] on how to not creat red roads (errors exist in segment).
[[Shortcut keys]]: {{key press|<code>I</code>}}, {{key press|O}} or {{key press|OJ}} * {{key press|<code>I</code>}} (a straight segment)- [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_Road|Road]]. Click on the map to start, . Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.* Pedestrian path. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry nodepoint. Double click to end.
* {{key press|O}} (a circle)- [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_roundabout|Roundabout]]. Click on the map at the center of the roundabout. Drag a circle of the correct size. Click to end the roundabout.
* Camera<!--related: Cameras#From_The_Map_Editor --> - . Click on the map where the camera is to be located. See [[#(Speed)_Cameras|Speed Cameras]] for editing instructions.*{{key press|J}} Junction box. Click on the map to start. Click to add vertices for the box. Double click to end. After creation, the shape of a junction box cannot be adjusted.
See the [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide|Editing Manual Quick Start Guide]] for more information.