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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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Selecting multiple segments: Added note on selecting segments between segments.
* One way is to select the first segment, then use {{key press|ctrl|click}} (MAC users:{{Key press|command|click}}) to select additional segments.
* A second way is to use multi-select mode. Use the [[Keyboard shortcuts|shortcut key]] {{Key press|m}} to enter multi-select mode. {{Key press|Click}} each segment to add or subtract it from the current segment grouping. To exit multi-select mode, press {{Key press|m}} again.
* To select all segments between two segments, first select a segment, then use {{key press|alt|click}} (Linux users:{{Key press|ctrl|alt|click}}) to select a second segment. WME will select all the segments in-between the first and second segments, based on the least number of segments and limited to 25 or less segments. This is generally the straightest path but at times may take strange looking routes dues to extra segments in the visually direct path.
* To select all segments within a box use {{key press|ctrl|shift|click}} (MAC users:{{Key press|command|shift|click}}) and then drag the cursor while holding the mouse button to form a box. When the mouse button is released, all the segments in the box are selected.
* Segments having the same primary name (street, city, state) can be selected using the "Select entire street" function. See the description in the [[#One or more segments selected|One or more segments selected]] section for more information.