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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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When no objects are selected on the map, the Tabs Area displays user information. The top section greets you by name and is always visible regardless of what is showing or displayed on the map. Map Problems and Update Requests are not considered map objects, so the tabs below your name will display when a Map Problem or Update Request is selected.
=====Me tab=====
=====Drives tab=====
<!-- Copied from FAQ; consider creating a transcludable subpage for both locations -->Drives are journeys or routes that you have driven with the Waze client running. While you drive, Waze monitors your journey (recording details like location, time, speed) and transfers this information to the [[Servers]]. This data is used to validate the existing map (roads, turns, directions) and to learn average journey times.
=====Areas tab=====
This shows the entire [[editable area]] -- the area in which you can perform edits. Click on your editable area. The view will be centered on the editable area. If your editable area is spread out, in several sections, it may be centered between areas you can edit.
====={{anchor|Settings_tab|Imperial|Metric}}Settings tab=====
[[File:Wme-settings-tab-2018.PNG|thumbnail|329px]]<small>This feature was added {{As of|January 2015|lc=y}}</small><br/>
To access user-preference settings in WME, click the "Settings" tab in the left pane. Options include:
*'''Units''' - Choose between Imperial (feet/miles) or Metric (meters/kilometers)
===== {{anchor|Left Pane with segment(s) selected}}One or more segments selected =====
<imagemap>Image:Multiple segments2018.png|right|