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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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* Pedestrian path. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.
* {{key press|O}} (a circle)- [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_roundabout|Roundabout]]. Click on the map at the center of the roundabout. Drag a circle of the correct size. Click to end the roundabout.
* Camera<!--related: Cameras#From_The_Map_Editor -->. Click on the map where the camera is to be located. See [[#(Speed)_CamerasEnforcement_Cameras|Speed Enforcement Cameras]] for editing instructions.
*{{key press|J}} Junction box. Click on the map to start. Click to add vertices for the box. Double click to end. After creation, the shape of a junction box cannot be adjusted.
[[File:camera2false.png]] [[File:camera2true.png]] [[File:camera4false.png]] [[File:camera4true.png]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Shift|S}}
Enforcement (Speed) cameras, red-light cameras, and dummy cameras are shown on this layer. Drivers can report camera location and type, and a map editor is required to confirm the existence of the camera. The precise location and direction that the camera is pointing is required before it will appear in the app. Confirmed cameras will pop up a visual and audible alert in the Waze app when approaching a speed or red light camera. Note: Cameras are locked at the editor's level who last modified or added the camera. Due to this, new R1 level editors are not able to modify cameras that have recently been modified or added by an R4 editor.
See [[Cameras]] for more information.
=====Select entire street=====
[[file:select entire street 2018.png|right]]When you click the link "Select Entire Street," or use the keyboard shortcut {{key press|Ctrl|A}} the editor will select all segments connected to the current segment with the same primary name, city, state, and country information. It will may also select some segments outside the current visible areaif the name of the segment is matched to the current one (e.g. "Alley" within a given city). For this reason, it is highly recommended to be cautious when using this feature and to ensure that what you are actually editing, is what you intended to change.  The "Select Entire Street" link and the multiple segment ID numbers are in the images to the right.
=====Address box=====
When you click on within the Pencil buttonaddress box, or tap press the shortcut key {{key press|E}}, the address box expands and displays more detail information and allows , while also allowing you to make changes to the country, state (US only), city , and segment name. <br />Next is where you can add or remove any alternate street name information. An alternate name, technically referred to as a "linked street," can be used for address searches, while primary name is used in navigation instructions. Alternate names can only be added if there is already a Primary name applied to the street segment(s).
Be sure to review the [[Road names/USA|naming convention used in your area]] before changing names.
If you run into an extreme case where you need to rename the city name on a large number of streets. Review the article [[Smudged city]]. The end of the article includes a link to a special form for converting a mass number of segments using the help of Waze staff in the database.
'''NOTE: Make sure to click the blue 'Apply' button before leaving the address modification, otherwise, your changes will not be saved!'''
=====General tab=====
*The '''Edit House Numbers''' button appears when there is only one segment selected.
*The '''Edit House Numbers''' button isn't available to click when there are changes which need to be saved. The message, "Save your changes to edit house numbers" appears below the button.
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| With a Place selected, there are three tabs: General, More Info and Photos. Under the '''General''' tab, you set the Place category(ies), give it a name, a description, and a checkbox to lock the place to prevent changes by lower ranking editors, whether it . Ensuring that place properties are set is a Private or Public Placecrucial for the functionality of the app. Key items outside of the Name and Description, are the full address details, and open hours.
| [[File:wme_landmark_address_details.png]]
Residential Place Points (RPPs) are an important tool for helping to route drivers to specific addresses in certain cases. These RPPs are only used for addresses only, NO NAMES.
Setting the proper address details will allow Waze to utilize their own internal search for landmarks which appear only in Waze and not in other search provider results.
===Map display area===
All the layers currently selected for display show up in the map display area. The map display areas takes up the majority of the browser window. Any object displayed is selectable and editable, depending on your editing rights in the area you are viewing. Select a street and change its geometry. Select a landmark and change its name. Add a road where one should be, or delete a road which should no longer appear.
There are six main component controls or displays in the corners of the map display area:
====Wiki link====
Opens a new tab to the wiki Wazeopedia map editing pages.
====Forum link====
====Status link====
Opens a new tab to the status blog table -- showing latest the current tile updates , delays, server sync updates, editor point counts, and any other status messages the Waze team might choose to post.
====Keyboard shortcuts====
<big>NEW PHOTO NEEDED</big> <div style="float: right;">{{/ZoomLevel}}</div>[[File:scale_display.png]]In the lower right corner is a small graphic showing the current scale of the map display area.
The values in the scale relate to the [[zoom|zoom level]] you see in the URL address of the web browser. Changing the zoom level alters the displayed scale.
* [[Image:Bridge_idle.png|20px]] Select the two segments and [[#Bridge_creator|bridge]] them. This will raise the elevation by 1.
===Junction Arrowsarrows===
{{Anchor|Turn restrictions}}Select a segment to see all the turns leading '''out of ''' that segment, including u-turns.
* [[File:Arrow Green-2.png|20px]] [[File:Wme u-turn allowed.png]] Green arrows are for allowed turns. [[File:Arrow Red-2.png|20px]] [[File:Wme u-turn restricted.png]] Red arrows (with "-" sign) are for forbidden prohibited turns. Click on the arrow to switch it from allowed to forbidden.
* [[File:Arrow Red-2-question2.png|20px]]Unconfirmed or "soft" turns also have a small question mark. Click the arrow to confirm the turn.
* [[File:Wme u-turn allowed hover clock.png]] Hover over the a green or yellow arrow to see a clockthe turn restriction grey box. Click on the clock to edit Turn instruction override instructions, time based turn restrictions, and difficult turn restrictions can be edited within the grey box.
* [[File:Restriction arrow yellow mouseover.gif|20px]] [[File:Wme u-turn scheduled.png]]A yellow arrow means a time based turn restriction has already been applied.