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=== {{@|Ferry}} ===
{{Ferry| }}
| type = important
| text = {{As of|2016|alt= Prior to 2016}} the Ferry Road type was not to be used. Since that time, there have been changes to the [[Routing server]] that allow the use of the Ferry Road type.
The Ferry ferry road type should only be used where a road crosses a body of water through the use of an automotive ferry. For more on how to map ferries see [[Ferries]]. The Ferry Road ferry road type is useful because it causes the Waze App client to display a "ferry" symbol for routes that include a {{Ferry}} ferry segment.
The Ferry ferry road type is treated by the [[Routing routing server]] as a minor highway.The speed for the ferry road type is fixed at a very slow speed typical of watercraft, and not estimated from user speeds.
{{mbox|type=important|text=If the ferry you are working on crosses an area well covered with GPS traces, OR [[Wikipedia:List_of_HSC_ferry_routes| travels at higher than normal speeds]], please notify your [[Regional Coordinator]]. '''Additionally, if you have issues with routes passing thru a ferry segment, please contact your [[Regional Coordinator]].'''}}