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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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=====Select entire street=====
[[file:select entire street 2018.png|right]]When you click the link "Select Entire Street," or use the keyboard shortcut {{key press|Ctrl|A}} , the editor will select all segments connected to which match the current segment with the same 's primary road name, (including city, and state). Note that the segments are not required to be physically touching each other, and country information. It may also select some selected segments may fall outside the current currently visible area if the name of the segment is matched to the current one (e.g. "Alley" within a given city). For this reason, it is highly recommended to be cautious when using this feature and to ensure that what you are actually editing, is what you intended to change.
The "Select Entire Street" link and the multiple segment ID numbers are in the images to the right.