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added more achievements
* Collaborated in the Subway AD Campaign by updating / creating more than 200 Subway stores in Puerto Rico. (May 2017)
* First local editor in Puerto Rico to reach the 300,000 edits mark. (May 2017)
* Organized and carried out the first official Waze Cafe in Puerto Rico that had an educational section, the participation through teleconference of our RC Nnote and of course the fraternization and dinner together. (July 2017)
* Named [ Cotero2002 "CM" for PR and VI] by RC Nnote (pls read forum post for details on quoted "CM" position) (Aug 2017)
* Named as one of the moderators of the Google+ community called Waze U.S. Virgin Islands by the RC Nnote (Aug 2017)
* Designed the current logo used to identify the ATR Region Discord Server (Sept 2017)
* Puerto Rico was hit by hurricanes Irma (Sept 6) and Maria (Sept 20) both Cat 5 Hurricanes leaving the island with 0 percent power and communications. The editing operations were very limited and the forming group of local editors simply banished for months.
* Invited to and participated in the 2018 WME / BETA Mega Meet-up in San Francisco, CA (Mar 2018)