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Sample Letters
<nowiki></nowiki><br />
If you would like to pursue joining with us, just read the below link and click the link contained in it below to join the GHO Great Lakes Region (Google Hang OutGLR) and or the Discord serversserver.Then join the Ohio Channel on the left side list of Channels<br />  <nowiki>https://wwwdiscord.waze.comme/forum/viewtopic.php?f=261&t=133427wazeglr</nowiki><br /> 
Hope to see you editing,<br />
If you are using Chrome, the scripts are managed by [ <u>TamperMonkey</u>]. <br />
If using FireFox, the scripts are managed by [ <u>TamperMonkey</u> ] <br />
TamperMonkey should be installed prior to the scripts.
WME [[Scripts/WME_Toolbox|<u>Toolbox</u>]]<br />
After Toolbox is installed it will add several things to the WME editor. At the top next to the Places Map Comments Icon will be a picture of a toolboxwith the word <b>Toolbox</b>.
If you hover your mouse over it, a menu should open. Select the following options:
There is another set of Region Specific scripts that can be found at the [ <u>GLR Specific Scripts</u>] <br />
Each of these scripts adds a tab that has its settings under it.<br />
To assist with editing places use [ <u>Place Harmonizer</u>],<br />
A pretty complete list of scripts can be found [,_Extensions_and_Tools <u>here</u>],<br />
While in Discord, initiate a DM with the Community Bot and type this in, <i>!scripts new editor</i>, you will get a list of suggested scripts for new editors.
It will work from the Ohio Channel but it is private if you do it in the Community Bot.<br />
===== Request a Lock Level change =====
==== Big Detour Prevention (BDP) Explained by Bill473 ====
{{mbox|type=caution|text=This section was written in 2015, when the over-application of detour prevention caused routing errors. Due to changes to the algorithm in 2017, these types of problems no longer occur, but now detour prevention can be under-applied, so understanding how it works is still important in resolving routing problems.}}
''The following was originally presented by Bill473 as a training aid to satisfy the BDP requirement to attain R4 rank for both of us. Bill has made changes based on feedback from PesachZ and TerryPurdue but remains responsible for any errors or omissions. If you have suggestions to make this better, please contact either [ Ron] or [ Bill].''
Here's the [ LiveMap link] to the area.
====<u>Waze Turn Instructions and When, Why They Occur</u>====