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{{AM/Editor|Rfrsw101|5|Statewide with a Focus on New York City, Long Island, and I-78/95 Corridor, NJ|NYC RTC Team, AM-NJ, SM/RM-Thailand |gho=Rfrsw101|pic=File: Avatar Rfrsw101.png|badge1=SM}}
{{AM/Editor|whoaitspete|5|Statewide with a focus on the Hudson Valley, Capital District, & North Country|badge1=SM|badge2=M|badge3=mr|NY SM / PA LAM|gho=whoaitspete|pic=File: Avatar whoaitspete.Jpg}}
{{AM/Editor|Dude495|4|Statewide|NY Closure Team|gho=Dan B|badge1=SM|badge2=M|badge3=mr|pic=File:wazeDispatcherForum.png}}
{{AM/Editor|ShadowMasterCM|4|Statewide with a focus on Upstate NY|NY|gho=Craig M|pic=File:Avatar ShadowMasterCM.jpg|badge1=SM|badge2=mr}}
{{AM/AreaLink}}<!-- Defines the start of the area manager section -->