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[[File:Segment_node_ids1.png|thumb|Every segment is attached to two nodes- one node at each end of the segment.]][[File:Segment_node_ids2.png|thumb|At the junction, two segments are connected to the same node. There is exatly one node at a junction.]][[File:Segment_node_ids3.png|thumb|When a segment is highlighted and one end is dragged away from a node, A new node is automatically created on the segment that was just moved.]][[File:Segment_node_ids2.png|thumb|When a node is dragged and connected to another node, the "stationary" node (the one that didn't get dragged) is retained. The node that was moved is deleted.]][[File:Segment_node_ids4.png|thumb|This When a segment is image Segment_node_ids4cut by connecting another segment somewhere in the middle,two new segments are created.pngThe node from the end of the segment used for cutting becomes the node for the new junction]][[File:Segment_node_ids5.png|thumb|A segment is disconnected from the junction and gains a new node at the end]][[File:Segment_node_ids6.png|thumb|Another segment is disconnected from the junction]][[File:Segment_node_ids7.png|thumb|Two segments are joined. The node from the stationary segment is retained as the junction node and the node from the moving end of the other segment is deleted]][[File:Segment_node_ids8.png|thumb|If you select the junction of 2 segments and drag it to another node, both segments will have their ends dragged along with the junction]][[File:Segment_node_ids9.png|thumb|All the segments are now joined at one junction. The stationary node is retained for the junction node. The node that was moved is deleted.]]
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