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Duplicate Cities
=== Duplicate Cities ===
Due to New York's multiple duplicate city/town names throughout the state, New York has adopted the city name format of ('''City, County''')if more than one of the same city/town/village exists. This is to help reduce routing confusion and prevent future issues due to the duplicateswithout having to decide which is more well known or has a higher population. Duplicate cities can be caused by incorrectly named segments and should be corrected following the guidelines:
* If the city already exists within WME and just simply needs to be renamed, instead of renaming every segment within the City/Town/Village, a Country Manager can easily rename the entire city polygon at once.
* If the city name exists but also has a Greater XXX City also you will need to submit the [ Cities Form] to merge the two together, then resubmit it to be renamed or reach out to a Country Manager to update the polygon immediately.
* If the city does not exist reach out to a SM+ to have the city created.