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When a user is routed through an unnamed segment, Waze will automatically use the name of the next named segment on the route ''(a.k.a. road name inheritance)''. This is useful for getting instructions for ramps and turn lanes. However, this can be confusing if there are several unnamed road segments (in other than {{Parking Lot Road|Parking Lot Roads}})areas, like large parking lots without road names. The user would get several consecutive turn left/turn right commands until the first named road is reached.
Be sure to understand how unnamed segments operate during navigation before adding names to unnamed segments already on the map.
=== Parking lot with unnamed roads ===
:[[file:InheritedName2segments.jpg|thumb|right]]If the route leads from unnamed parking lot roads to a named road outside the parking lot, Waze might use the road name in instructions for turns INSIDE the parking. This is confusing for drivers. It is a '''known side effect''', and drawback of the feature. For example, coming from segment A, if the next turn is a left to segment 1, and than right to segment 2 (Main Street), Waze will give the instruction to turn left at segment 1 onto Main Street, while still in the middle of the parking lot road.
== See also ==
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