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Conditions for application
When Waze gives navigation instructions to "turn", "exit", or "keep" onto an unnamed segment, it will look for a name it can use. If there is a named segment {{u|further along your route}}, it will use (inherit) that name in the instruction. ''Named segments connected to the unnamed segment which are not part of your provided route, are not relevant.''
The {{As of|October 2018}}, the inherited name is only used in the displayed and spoken instruction prompts, it does not affect the actual name of the segment.
This '''always works''' for {{Freeway|Freeways}} and {{Ramp|Ramps}}.
This '''never''' works for {{Parking Lot Road|Parking Lot Roads}}
{{As of|October 2018}}, on On all other road types (any road type which is '''not''' a Freeway, Ramp, or Parking Lot Road), this feature only works if:
# The combined length of the consecutive unnamed segments is shorter than 400 meters (1,312 feet), <br />'''AND'''
# There are 3 or fewer unnamed segments in a row.
# If the consecutive unnamed {{Street|Local Street}}, {{Primary Street|Primary Street}}, {{Minor Highway|Minor Highway}}, {{Major Highway|Major Highway}}, or {{Private Road|Private Road}} segments measured together are longer than 400 m (1,312 ft), or if there are 4 or more unnamed segments in a row, Waze will '''not''' show or speak a name in the instructions.
# There is never name inheritence for unnamed {{Parking Lot Road|Parking Lot Road}} segments.
== Side effects ==