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Welcome to Waze India</p></div>
{{mbox | type =information | text = ''September 30, together we will improve the map in the next state: Madya Pradesh. You are all invited to join. Registration still open for Indian editors only at'' }}--><br />
You want to help too? Read along and join the [[India/Community|local community]] of Waze India.<br />
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=What is Waze?=
Waze is a free GPS navigation application for mobile phone or tablet. Waze has speech support, free map updates and uses real time traffic information and actual reports from its users. Users like you!
With Waze you can share your driver experience, connect with friends, send your ETA to show when you will be home, or just avoid traffic jams. Waze is crowd-sourced, meaning it is maintained by its users. <!--[[|70px|frameless|right|link=]]-->
[[File:Waze_screen.gif|60px|frameless|left|link=]]<br />
Waze has the application, often called ''client'' or just ''app''. You can read more about the app at the [ support pages]. Click on the picture to download the app.
There is a map, that is maintained by users via the Waze Map Editor (WME). Information about editing in India can be found under the tab [[India/Editing|Editing]]. If you want to edit right away, here is [[India/Editing#How_to_start|how to start]].
Its users form a community, who work together locally as well as internationally. Information about the community in India can be found under the tab [[India/Community|Community]].<br />
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=Waze in India=
Once upon a time, back in 2012, a few adventurous Wazers in India got together and coordinated their efforts to improve the map.
They worked hard and fired up the community for the next couple of years. But alas, after the merger with Google, the base maps were wiped. Even though the maps were a lot better to begin with now, some editors lost hope and wondered if there was any point in starting again from scratch. Some went their own ways, but a couple of determined Wazers kept editing.
Suddenly, one day, there was news of a MapRaid in India. The sleeping editors arose and took notice. The world now knew of Waze in India! The hard work began again in earnest, this time, with help from hundreds of other editors from around the world! Suddenly, map problems started disappearing from the map, new roads snaked their way across the land. India learned a valuable lesson – where there’s a will, there’s Waze.
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===Bugs and limitations===
Although we think Waze gives the best possibilities for navigation, it knows some [[Problems,_bugs_and_limitations|problems and limitations]] as well. Specific for India are the following:
* '''The map needs to be improved'''
: Due to the status of the road network and the yet small community, the map in India is not of high quality everywhere. However, the current editing community is working hard to improve the map. You help already by [[Just_drive_around_with_Waze_turned_on|driving with Waze on]]! And if you are in for an adventure, you might [ add new roads to the map], or even become a [[File:Mapeditor.png|28px|frameless]][[India/Editing|Waze Map Editor]].
* '''Long distance routing'''
: Setting a route over long distances puts a lot of weight on the servers. Depending on the map quality, you can expect routes with a maximum length of about 1500 km. At this moment, maximum route length will often be less in India*. If you request a route and the calculation time is too long, you'll receive an error saying "Routing server timeout" or "no route found". We recommend breaking up longer routes into several segments by choosing intermediate destinations.
:<small>* ''Note that we are currently upgrading the road network to get better and longer routes!''</small>
* '''Known issues in the current app version''' are listed on the [ support pages]<br /><br />
<center>Despite these limitations, we love Waze and hope you will do too!</center><br />
<center><big>'''Wishing you fun and happy travels with'''</big></center>
<center><big>'''Waze in India!'''</big></center>
<big>'''Complete Guide to Waze in the India'''</big> ( Entire Page Under Development)
<br /><br />
{{mbox | type =information | text = ''Due to the MegaMapRaid (MMR) that happened in the south of India, the wiki of India is in the process of getting updated. The latest guidelines can be found in the [[India/MMR_India|raid wiki page]].'' }}<br />
==Getting Started with Waze==
*[[Waze Version 3.5]]
*[[Banks of Servers]]
*[[Online Resources]]
==Getting Started with Map Editing==
Hopefully you're reading this and want to edit the map, either because you've found a mistake or you want to add a new road. Either way, it is important that you adhere to the standards already set.
*[[India Quickstart|India Quick Start Editing Guide]]
*[[Road Types India|Road Types India]]
*[[Waze Map Editor|Waze Map Editor Manual]]
*[[Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools]]
* ''Please also read the various Editing Guidelines below.''
==Editing Best Practice==
Indian editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines, which may differ from the generic guides.
* [[How to label cities (India)|How to label Towns and Cities]]
* [[How to classify and name roads (India)|How to classify and name Roads]]
* [[How to draw and label landmarks (India)|How to draw and label Landmarks]]
* [[Junctions and Roundabouts (India)|Junctions and Roundabouts]] See also [[Best_map_editing_practice#Junction_Style_Guide|Junction Style Guide]],[[Creating and Editing a roundabout]]
* [[Speed and Traffic Light Enforcement Cameras (India)|Speed and Traffic Light Enforcement Cameras]]
* [[Best map editing practice]] (Main Page)
'''Because of national security legislations, civil and military Vital Areas (VAs)/Vital Points (VPs) should not be added to the map.'''
==Editing Resources for India==
* [[India Editing Resources| India Editing Resources]]
==Whats under the Hood?==
*[[Technical Information]]
==Help Improve Waze in India==
*[[Help Improve Waze]]
*[[Use your language skills | Get Waze in your language]]
==Known Issues and Waze Status Updates==
*[[Problems, bugs and limitations]]
*[ Updates on Waze status, service, currently known issues, and completed processes]
== India Editor Community==
* [ India - Waze Forum]
* [ Waze India Facebook]
* [ Waze India - Twitter]
* [ Waze India G+]
== Suggestions==
* [ Waze Uservoice]