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::-If the problem is with the app, give the reporter a [ link to the Waze support pages].
::-If you did everything to handle the problem, but it can't be solved in the map, you can close it as ''Not Identified''.
::-Use a closing comment like the provided [https[usa:User:Dude495/drafts/ Canned_Responses|default response]].
::-Remember to '''send''' the comment.
<!--<====Older Reports====
Many areas are still not maintained well, and we have very old Update Requests open. The URs may signal where we have to work. Also, it provides a possibility to get into contact with our users.
=====URs between 1 and 6 months old=====
* Use your best judgement as how to handle them.
* You may follow the guidelines above, and use the [https[usa:User:Dude495/drafts/ standard responsesCanned_Responses|default response]] asking for more info.
* Do include an excuse for responding late.
* Again, always try to improve the area before closing the UR.
=====URs older than 6 months=====* Say we are working on the map and they can help fix it if they want to ([ See default comment])::-Do include an excuse for the (very) late response.* After your first response to the UR, allow at least 10 days before closing it. Meanwhile, there is some time to improve the area, and for map updates to come live.** There is no need to send a reminder message.** Try to figure out the problem. Always look for other problems in the area.** Update the area before closing the UR.:::-check the date of the latest update of the segments around the UR: they might be updated in the mean time already!* Close the UR after 10 days.::-Always leave a [ closing comment]. ::-Choose Solved or Not Identified according to your actions.::-Remember to '''send''' the message.<br />-->
Elaborate information on URs can be read in the global page about [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor|Update Requests]]. Be aware, that if guidelines differ from what is written above, the Pakistan guidelines prevail. Once you are experienced handling URs, you can use the script URC <!-->to facilitate it.
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