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===Bottom bar===
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Opens a new tab to the Wazeopedia map editing pages.
<big>NEW PHOTO NEEDED</big> <div style="float: right;">{{/ZoomLevel}}</div>[[File:scale_displayScale_Display_2018.png]]In the lower right corner is a small graphic showing the current scale of the map display area.
The values in the scale relate to the [[zoom|zoom level]] you see in the URL address of the web browser. Changing the zoom level alters the displayed scale.
In the lower-right corner is a control showing the latitude and longitude of the mouse pointer as it moves over the map. Waze displays the coordinates in Longitude / Latitude format unlike most other mapping services.
[[File:wme_permalink_iconPermalink-2018.png]] In the lower right corner is a chain icon.
{{:Waze Map Editor/Permalink/Core}}