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Rhode Island/Cities and towns

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Capitalized ZIP
*Barrington ([ GIS] | [ NERG])
*Bristol ([ GIS] | [ NERG])
*Burrillville ([ GIS] | [ VGSI]*)
*Central Falls ([ NERG] | [ PLAT])
*Charlestown ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Middletown ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Narragansett ([ GIS] | [ NERG])
*New Shoreham ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Newport ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*North Kingstown ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Pawtucket ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Portsmouth ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Providence ([http\\\\\ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Richmond ([ GIS] | [ VGSI])
*Scituate ([ GIS])
Rhode Island municipalities can be further subdivided into named villages; though often times, the boundaries of these villages are not as clearly defined. In most cases, we can refer to [http[wikipedia:// zip ZIP_Code|ZIP code boundaries]] to determine village locations. Since mailing addresses are the only way for residents to know which village they reside in, only village names that are recognized by the US Postal Service as the ''default'' city of a given '''standard''' zip ZIP code should be mapped. Those villages are:
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==Census Designated Places==
When the original Waze basemap was first introduced, it utilized [ Census Designated Places (CDPs)] to determine the boundaries for cities on the Waze map. These CDPs are arbitrary areas defined by the U.S. Census Bureau for the purposes purpose of statistical analysis, and are redefined with each new census every 10 years. As a result, these named areas are not suitable for defining city boundaries in Rhode Island. If a road has a city name that is not in the above lists, then it's probably a CDP name and should be changed.
'''Official Rhode Island policy is that Census Designated Places should not be mapped'''