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Properly mapping hospitals is important to routing and for proper search results. This wiki will cover how to map a hospital, urgent care clinic, place the stop point at the appropriate location, and how to name them. These entities are added to the Waze map as [[places]], below we will discuss the proper methods.
==Adding a hospitalHospital Campus==
When adding a hospital to the map, first identify the grounds where it is located. Many major hospitals are located on extensive grounds known as campuses or centers. These property types may include many buildings and multiple parking lots. Other hospitals are just a single building, usually with parking.
To ensure that the hospital grounds are mapped correctly, please only use information either provided by that facility's website, or obtained by observation on-the-ground.
===Mapping emergency rooms Emergency Rooms ===
Properly mapping an Emergency Room (ER) is very important for both routing and search results. The [[Places#Setting the stop point for a Place|stop point]] of the ER should be set at the public entrance of the ER. If the facility has a website map, it will usually indicate the location of the ER entrance. If you can not find the entrance from facility sources, or first hand knowledge - and the ER has not undergone recent construction - you can use the [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Street View|Streetview]] in WME to find the ER entrance location.
For the proper naming of the ER place, please refer to the [[#Naming|naming section]] below.
=== Departments and Clinics ===
Medium and large hospitals will have specific entrances for large departments or clinics that are inside the hospital.
==Adding an urgent care clinic==