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** [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_Road|Create new roads]] or fix up roads you have recently "paved" using the app. Remember to [[Creating_and_editing_road_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|confirm the road]], connect it to other roads, and [[Creating_and_editing_road_segments#Set_allowed_turns_.28connections.29|fix all the allowed and not-allowed turns]] to make it route properly.
* Unless you are working closely with an experienced editor, you should:
*# Not Delete delete roads or any parts of roads -- because that deletes traffic data.*# Not Create create new [[Places/Parking_lot#Principles|parking lots]] or other [[Places#Area|area places]], or add [[Road types#Parking_Lot_Road|roads or lanes in parking lots]]. This can confuse Waze and clutter the map. Because all your place changes will initially require approval, you might like to avoid any [[Places]] edits (points and areas) entirely at first.
*# Not make changes to [[Road types#Importance_of_road_types|major roads]] and their ramps or turn lanes.
*# Not make changes to roads that are connected to [[FAQ#What_is_a_locked_road?|locked roads]].