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Updated pics of older style Waze with current style
Rule #1 is still simpler is better. If there is no large distance between paths at the end of a ramp (either into or out of the ramp), a single segment connecting to a single junction node is all that is needed. The existence of a painted, concrete, or grass island is '''not''' enough of a reason to divide a ramp into multiple ramps.
: [[ImageFile:Jct_ramp_no_splitJunction_style_simple_ramp_(2).pngPNG|400px]]
When paths at the end of the ramp deviate significantly in distance, regardless of the existence of any type of island, then multiple ramps should be used.
: [[ImageFile:Jct_ramp_splitJunction Style ramp split.pngPNG|350px]]
== {{anchor|Interchange types}}Component junction types ==
=== {{anchor|Diamond interchange}}Diamond ===
: [[ImageFile:Jct_diamondDiamond interchange.pngPNG|800px]]
''See also: [[Wikipedia:Diamond_interchange|Diamond interchange article on Wikipedia]]''
=== Single-point urban interchange (SPUI) ===
: [[ImageFile:Jct_SPUISPUI.pngPNG|750px]]
''See also: [[wikipedia:Single-point_urban_interchange|Single Point Urban Interchange article on Wikipedia]]''
The outer branches of the exit ramps are similar to a diamond interchange and ramp to ramp routing should be enabled if possible and legal. However, in many SPUIs such ramp to ramp routing is not possible:
: [[ImageFile:Jct_SPUI_off_outer_turnSPUI outer branch.pngPNG|500px]]
Where things get complicated is the inner branches leading to the single point. You need to avoid ramp-to-ramp in two directions and a reverse flow turn. '''Note:''' The ramp-to-ramp motion to facilitate a U-turn (the top left arrow in the image below) may or may not be allowed depending on the specific interchange. Please validate this turn.
: [[ImageFile:Jct_SPUI_off_inner_turnSPUI inner branch.pngPNG|700px]]
Luckily the entrance ramp restrictions are similar to the diamond interchange:
: [[ImageFile:Jct_SPUI_on_turnSPUI middle branch.pngPNG|400px]]
If you were to look at all the restricted turns at once, you may get the false impression that something is very wrong. But as you now know, a SPUI has almost as many restricted turns as allowed ones.
: [[ImageFile:Jct_SPUI_all_turnsSPUI disabled turns.pngPNG|300px]]
'''Note on Elevation: '''The two surface street segments (between the outer ramps and connected to the single point) and the four ramp segments connected to the single point should all be the same level, either one higher or one lower than the elevation of the freeway segments above/below the single point.