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Creating and editing road segments

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This article covers creating and editing road segments. Be sure to read this whole article to ensure you fully understand all aspects of how segments operate in Waze before you start to create and edit roads on the map.
Set each of If you have saved your progress or not, ''click'' the fields [[Road types and names|Road Type]], Direction, and [[#Elevation|Elevation]]. For neighborhood streets in these examples, Local Street '''Save''' button (or Street depending use the '''Ctrl + s''' keyboard shortcut (Command + S on local areaMac)) to send all of your updates to the Waze servers for processing. After the save is appropriatecomplete, they and if there are 2-way streets and they have no roads above or below themerrors, so elevation '''Ground''' is correct. you are presented with a view of the final product of this process:
Review the article [[determining one-way streetsImage:Finished_road_2018.JPG]] for more information on directionality.
* Please be aware the the directionality type 'Unknown' does not prevent Waze from routing onto It is a roadgood practice to save your changes often, and certainly when you get more than 10 unsaved changes pending. Sometimes you may run into a save error that you cannot determine what is wrong, and you have to 'Unknown' really means 'Undefinedundo'. When the direction is set to 'Unknown', Waze automatically adjust many prior edits or remove the directionality of edit causing the road as Wazers drive it. This is issue from the initial directionality of all roads after a base map import. In addition, locking history log by hovering over the segment does not prevent the directionality from changing on 'Unknown' roads as Wazers drive it'save''' button. Saving regularly limits chances of lost work in case of unresolvable errors.
{{Clear}}You may choose to save now, but there is one more step before the process is complete: setting the allowed turns. ===Set allowed turns (connections)=Editing existing roads== [[Image:WME_New_Road_Turns_Not_Allowed_2018.png|left]] We've added our roads and confirmed them, but we haven't set the legal directions to and from this Editing an existing road segment. In the real world, there are barriers and signs which prevent travel in a certain direction, even though the roads connect to each other. In our suburban neighborhood example, none of these blockages exist, but our screenshot shows red arrows, meaning that Waze generally won't navigate that direction is not very different from the selected segment. Click on the red arrows to turn them green, and permit navigation in that direction. This needs to be done for each segment that is added to the map, as the default setting after connecting creating a new segment is to disallow all turns to the new segment.{{Clear}}In situations where not all turns are allowed, click on the arrow to turn it red for the disallowed direction from that segmentroad.  [[Image:select_junction.png|right]]If all turns are allowed at Once a junction, the fastest way to enable all turns road is by selecting the junction node and not the individual segments. ''Select'' the '''junction''' and it changes drawn from a small black circle to a blue circle with a white border. Note that if you have already selected a segment connected to that junction, click elsewhere on the mapscratch, or hit the ESC key to deselect that segment before you can select the junction.{{Clear}} [[Image:WME_Node_Turns_2018.png|left]] The left pane shows action links for the selected junction. Depending on the current state of the junction, one or both of the links '''Allow all turns''' or '''Disallow all turns''' links appear. For example, if all turns are currently allowed, then only the '''Disallow all turns''' link appears.{{Clear}}To enable all turns at an intersection, ''click'' the '''Allow all turns''' link for the junction. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut '''w''' to allow all turns and the shortcut '''q''' to disallow all connections. A best practice when allowing all turns on a junction it is to disallow all turns firstsaved, as it cleans up some legacy problems with the map. Other helpful turn arrow keyboard shortcuts are: {| class="Wikitable floatright"| '''Shift+Z''' - Toggles between: 1) showing the enabled and restricted turn arrows for the selected segment, and 2) showing all restricted turns (red arrows only) for every junction on the visible map (up to zoom level 4 or 500 ft in the lower left map legend).| [[File:Disallowed_Turns_Shortcut_1_2018.png|150px|right]]| [[File:Disallowed_Turns_Shortcut_2_2018.png|150px|right]]|} {| class="Wikitable floatright"| '''a''' - Toggles between making the turn restriction arrows directly selectable (opaque) or transparent. Transparency enables selecting objects below the arrow on the map.| [[File:WME_Arrows_Visible_2018.png|150px|right]]| [[File:WME Arrows Invisible 2018.png|150px|right]]|}{| class="Wikitable floatright"| '''s''' - Toggles between separating turn arrows so they don't overlap or leaving them overlapping. This can also be used to refresh the screen when you have toggled visibility for all restricted turns, and you are modifying turn restrictions.| [[File:ArrowSpread1_2018.png|150px|right]]| [[File:ArrowSpread2_2018.png|150px|right]]|} To see all [[keyboard shortcuts]], press the '''?''' on the keyboard. When turns or parts of a road are restricted certain times of day or days of the week, you can use the [[Partial restrictions|scheduled restrictions]] feature. As the roads connecting to each other usually allow for all turn connection / direction, it is saves a lot of time for the editor to enable “draw new roads with all turns allowed” under the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Left_Pane|left pane]] “settings” tab during editing processfunctions described here work.  ''See the section [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Turn_restrictions_.28allowed_turns.29|turn restrictions]] for more information on all turn arrows.'' {{Clear}}
===Adjusting road geometry (nodes)===