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[[File:PP stop point front door 2018.png|thumb|Point Place marker placed at the front door of a business.]] The Point Place should go on or very near to the segment to which the driver should be navigated. The Waze routing server will navigate the Wazer onto the segment which is physically closest to where the point is placed. <u>The Point Marker is the stop point</u>. Typically, if the Place is inside a building, the marker should be located at or near the location's front door. Think: where would a car stop to drop someone off for this location.
When moving a stop point, the editor will show a dashed black line boundary. The stop point must be placed within this boundary box as shown below.[[File:Area_Place_Stop_Point_Lim_2018.png|800px|left|thumb|Stop Point Distance Limit]]
==== Moving a Point Place ====
To move a point Place, first click on the Place icon, which will turn into the icon below. Now you can click and drag the Place to the correct location.
<br />
<b>Note:</b> You should also be sure to move the stop point for the place, if one has been added.<br />
The [[File:WME_Stop_Point_2018.png]] icon is the adjustable stop point for Area Places.
Here is an example of an Area (a large park in this case) which has an entry road on the east side. The second image is zoomed in on the target to show how this type of Area should have its navigation stop point set. {{clear}} [[File:WME AreaPlace w Stop Point 2018.png|thumb|left|300px|WME AreaPlace w Stop Point 2018.png]] [[File:WME AreaPlace Zoomed w Stop Point 2018.png|thumb|right|300px|WME AreaPlace Zoomed w Stop Point 2018.png]] {{clear}}
=== Area stop point distance limit ===
When you drag an area Place stop point outside the polygon, the editor will show a black boundary.
{{Red|If you move the stop point outside of the boundary and try to save, you will get an error. Move the stop point inside the boundary and then save.}}
=== {{anchor|Place lock}}General tab ===
[[File:wme_place_gas_station_detailsGas_Station_Selected_General_Tab_00001.png|borderleft|200px|Place Details]][[File:Gas_Station_Selected_General_Tab_00002.png|left|200px|Place Details]]
The General tab for a Place is where you complete all of the basic information: categories, name, description, gas brand, residential/public, country, state, city, street and house number.
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Wme-google.png|center|border]]''Initial view.''<br /><br />
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:External_Providers_1WME_External_Providers_01_2018.PNGpng|center|border]]''Options auto-complete as you type.''<br /><br />|-| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:External_Providers_2.PNG|center|border]]''Unique identifier displayed after entry.''
Waze allows you to connect places and POI from external providers. One of the providers is '''Google Maps'''. When a place is linked, drivers can select any destination from search results in the app, whether the result is from Waze or Google, it will always lead you to the navigation stop point from Waze. This can also be linked to a street address point for the business if the address point exists in Google Maps.
# Create or select a place.
# Click on the link: Link this Waze place to a Add linked Google place.# Gradually as you type the name of the place in the drop-down list, recommended external POI names begin to appear.(Note: if the name is shorter than three characters (e.g. BP), you will need to type a space after it.)
# Select the correct name.
# Save your changes.
If the place has already been linked, you will see a box with the name and address of the external POI, and below this field is a unique identifier.
If you find that a site is linked to an improper external POI:
=== More Info tab ===
In the More Info tab is additional helpful information for the Place. Here you will add phone number, website, additional services, and hours of operation:
[[File:wme_place_moreinfo_tabPlace_More_Info_Tab_2018.png|border|left|Place More Info]]
==== Services ====
==== Opening hours ====
[[File:wme_opening_hours.png|border|right|Opening Hours]]
The Opening hours section allows the editor to add or delete the hours of operation for Places, including unique times for each day of the week. The hours submitted in the editor may not overlap, or a save error will occur.
=== Photos tab ===
[[File:wme_place_photosPlace_Photo_Tab_2018.png|border|left|Place Photos]] Any photos which drivers have added to a Place will appear in the Photos tab. In WME, we can only review photos and delete photos(or merge from another Waze place (AP or PP). Photos can only be uploaded from the Waze app. Click on a picture to view a larger version.
==== Deleting a Place photo ====
{{Red|Take great care to make a well thought-out decision to delete a photo. Once a photo is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Delete only if the photo really is unclear, not helpful and/or inappropriate.}}
Any improper or inappropriate photos should be removed. Hover the mouse over a picture in the Place Photos tab, and click the X which appears at the top right of the photo.