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A Median U-Turn Intersection (MUTI), or [,4616,7-151-9620_10694-161777--,00.html “Michigan Left“] , is a procedure involving an indirect left turn onto or from a split roadway onto another road where the direct left turn is prohibited at the intersection itself. A MUTI / Michigan Left can only occur at the ''intersection'' with a cross street. Other median u-turns may be available at crossovers along a split road, however these would not be classified as Michigan Lefts since they simply facilitate going the opposite direction along the same split road. Reference figures showing both types of median u-turns together as well as advanced configurations appear in the '''Median U-Turn Guide''' below.
To execute the turn, the driver proceeds through the intersection to turn left at the next median u-turn, then turns left onto the same road (in the opposite direction), and finally turns right at the main intersection. Alternatively, if the intersection involves turning onto a split cross road, the driver could also turn right onto the intersecting split road, then turn left at the median u-turn, finally turning left onto the road and proceeding through the main intersection.
:[[ImageFile:Michigan_Left_Sample_2MUTI_M_Left_2018_00001.png|300px]] [[ImageFile:Michigan_Left_Sample_1MUTI_M_Left_2018_00002.png|300px350px]]
This procedure has proliferated in Michigan since the late 1960's and is locally referred to as a “Michigan Left Turn (MLT)” or just "Michigan Left (ML)", even in locations other than Michigan. The Michigan Left and its variants are now used or being considered in several states and other countries.
In addition, there are a number of related procedures directed toward the same or a similar result as the Michigan Left:
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In order to be considered a Michigan Left (or variant), proper signage should be in place prior to or at the median crossover. Depending on what entity maintains the road, however, the quality of signage will vary.
'''A Michigan Left in Waze typically only requires editing the median u-turn segment according to the follow following guidelines:'''
*''Naming Convention:'' '''to [street name] [opposing direction] / to [cross street name] [direction]'''
| Dedicated median u-turn for the Michigan Left.
| [[ImageFile:Michigan_Left_Guide_1MUTI_M_Left_U-turn_guide_2018_00001.png|100px]]
| A dedicated median u-turn alongside a separate median crossover. Note that only a signed median u-turn would meet the Michigan Left guidelines for naming and road type, while standard crossovers would follow traditional at-grade connector rules.
| [[ImageFile:Michigan_Left_Guide_4MUTI_M_Left_U-turn_guide_2018_00002.png|100px]]
| In addition to completing the u-turn on the main road, the median u-turn also allows an option to continue straight onto a street or parking lot road. Use two segments with a single junction at the origin even though only one physical median crossover exists. The street segment should be [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Turn_restrictions_.28allowed_turns.29|restricted]] from turning left since this turn is served by the other segment. Verify that the segment between destination endpoints meets or exceeds the recommended minimum length of 5m.
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