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Apartment/Condo/Townhouse Complexes: updated guidance on where specifically to set leasing apartment complex place point and entry point.
====Apartment/Condo/Townhouse Complexes====
Map apartment complexes using the category of "Other" and set the place point at the leasing office when it is located in close proximity (you can see it from the main road in Street View or within a couple hundred yards) to the Main/Visitor usable entrance. (Most often the leasing office will be near this entrance and, if not, signage will guide the wazer.) If there is no obvious leasing office or if it is not near the main entrance, set the place point off to the side of the main road that leads to the main entrance. Set the entry point just inside the main/visitor entrance. Add the apartment complex information as you would any other place point. Our goal is to get a wazer to the complex regardless of whether a resident, potential renter, or visitor.
If necessary, the description field can be used for additional important information. For example, apartments are open 24/7 for residents/visitors and the leasing office hours are different. If appropriate, note the leasing office hours in the description (similar to how it is done for a pharmacy within a store).