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***{{nowrapcode|to US-90 BUS W / to I-10 W / Miss River Br / Baton Rouge}}
** The highway name and direction should always come before the control city, even if signage is presented in the opposite order.
** Do not omit the word "to", because this could cause confusion with, say, the "Select entire street" function. [[Glossary#Text_to_Speech|Text-to-speech (TTS )]] instructions will deal properly with the word "to" when it constructs turn instructions.
** Do not use "Ramp to" (this would result in [turn right / exit right] to ramp to ...)
** Compass directions (such as "West" or "Westbound") accompanying highway shields and road names should be [[Abbreviations and acronyms|abbreviated]] using single-letter abbreviations, such as {{nowrapcode|W}}.*** e.g., the legend "WEST" above a shield for I-10 should be entered as {{nowrapcode|I-10 W}}*** Do not spell out compass directions, (such as "West" or "Westbound") which accompany highway shields and road names.** Do not use "WB" or similar abbreviations—"WB" is pronounced "doubleother non-you bee" and approved abbreviations, as they are not 'westboundsupported by the TTS engine.'
**When multiple on-ramps combine before merging into the main interstate or highway, it is advised to name the last common ramp with the conventions listed above. This will usually be the last ramp which is the one which actually joins the main interstate or highway.
** When naming ramps and exits that lead to state highways, refer to the road naming conventions listed in [[Highway naming]] and cross-reference the state's wiki page (therein linked).