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Exit ramps: note on E/East
***{{nowrapcode|Exit 33B: Running Man St}}
***{{nowrapcode|Exits 35C-B-A: Junior Dr / Twins Ave / Jingleallthe Way}}
***{{nowrapcode|Exit 1E: SR-1000 E / Sarah Connor Blvd}}
** Do not leave spaces between a hyphen and the adjacent letters, or between the last letter and the colon.
**Note that, if the exit number contains one of the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W), that letter will be pronounced as a letter, not as the corresponding compass direction. For example, the above example will be pronounced "Exit One ''E'', State Route One Thousand ''East'', Sarah Connor Boulevard".
** If the Exit has an official number that is documented elsewhere, but this exit number does not appear on any signs, do not use it to name the exit ramp. Waze instructions should match the signs where possible to avoid confusion. Please check your [[Mapping resources|state's page]] for any local exceptions to this rule.
* If an exit is signed and unnumbered, start with the word "to" (lowercase) and follow with all elements on the sign, separated with slashes ("/")