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Forest / Grove: Images
====== [[Rest areas]] ======
==== Forest / Grove -- River / Stream ====
In order to provide a feature-rich UI in the Waze app, adding woodland areas to the map is allowed and encouraged. Small groves of trees or individual trees should not be mapped. 'Avenue of trees' or tree-lined roadways should not be mapped if that is the only set of trees along the path. Woodlands should be mapped as close to reality as possible.
Adding rivers & streams to the map that aren't already included in the water layer (visible in LiveMap) brings additional enhancements to the app-using experience and further helps provide landmarks during navigation.
[[File:Forest Grove Correct.png|left|thumb|274x274px]]
[[File:Waze App Woodlands.jpg|thumb|255x255px]]
[[File:Forest Grove Incorrect.png|none|thumb|242x242px]]
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