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Creating and editing road segments

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===Drawing the road===
[[File:Wme roadsmenu 2018.png|left]] <nowiki> </nowiki>''Hover'' the cursor over the road menu at the top of the screen in the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#The_Tool_Bar|toolbar]] and ''click'' '''Road'''. You can also use the [[keyboard shortcut]], which is the letter '''i''', for Insert. Move the cursor to the location you want to start drawing the road. This can be an empty location, or it can be on an existing segment where you want the intersection with this new road. The cursor has a small blue circle to indicate it is in drawing mode.
When you hover over an existing segment, it highlights showing that if you click there, a junction is automatically added.
[[Image:WME General Tab 2018.png‎]]
====Address Propertiesproperties====
At the top of the properties toolbox are the address fields. The address fields include the street name, city name, State (currently only in the United States) and country. To edit the address details, ''click'' the '''Edit''' button (or press the 'e' shortcut key). This enables editing of fields above it.
To delete an alternate street name, click the [[image:Map trash 2018.PNG]] icon next to the alternate name to be deleted. This deletes the alternate name for the highlighted segments.
====Road Propertiesproperties====
| type = important
The road segment properties are below the address properties on the General Tab.
=====Road Typetype=====
The road type is changed by selecting the appropriate road type from the drop down box.
===== {{anchor|Toll Road|Tunnel|Unpaved}}Special Propertiesproperties=====
{{mbox|text=The 'Toll road' attribute has moved to the [[Partial restrictions]] interface.}}
* '''[[Road_types#Routing preference|Routing Road Type]]''' - Choices of -1, Neutral, +1 (Level 4 required). Raises or lowers the road type used in the routing server calculations. Only applicable to {{Street|Local Street}}, {{Primary Street|Primary Street}}, {{Minor Highway|Minor Highway}}, {{Major Highway|Major Highway}}, and {{Freeway|Freeway}}. {{Street|Local Street}} can only be raised (+1) since already the lowest priority of the main routable road types. Similarly {{Freeway|Freeway}} can only be lowered (-1) since already the highest priority of the main routable road types. Note {{Freeway|Freeway}} is automatically given +1 routing preference by WME after a segment is saved; but it has no effect since {{Freeway|Freeway}} is already the highest priority. Selecting this attribute locks the segment(s) for some editing attributes unless the editor is R4+. Should only be used with concurrence of the State Managers. A map comment is recommended to explain why this setting has been changed.
=====Road Directiondirection=====
[[Image:Road_Direction_2018.png|right|frame]]The direction of the road is changed by selecting the appropriate direction from the drop down box.