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* To change the name of a polygon in the city layer, please see [[#City selected|City selected]] and [[Smudged city#Updating the city layer|Updating the city layer]]
* To change the name on one or more selected segments, see [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Segment Edit Detail|segment edit detail]].
* In the USA, always consult USA guidance on [[Road names/City names#Identifying_the_correct_postal_city|City naming]], as well as regional, state and local guidance, and always work with the local editing community on city naming/renaming projects.  When viewing the Cities layer, there is a feature to enable name balloons. Find it in the "More Details" section of the layer menu. Turning this on allows for a more visible name label/balloon for cities. Additionally, it allows R5 Editors to modify a City Name directly from within WME. Further information on this topic will be defined in a separate page. (Feature available since: )
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