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I recently wanted to submit a city merge but could not find the form to submit the change/merge on the Duplicate cities page:
This seems like a good addition to this section of the page. In addition, alluding to the fact some city renames can be done by Country Managers might be a good idea. I'd propose something like the following:
[b]Changing or Merging an Entire City Name[/b]
Using mass editing tools to change a city name on all segments is strongly discouraged - mass editing tools can lead to errors and loss of data. For city renames, these can often times be done by editors who are editor rank {{Rank|cityrename}}. Please contact one of these editors to see if the city rename can happen in this fashion. If this cannot be done or a merge is requested, the correct procedure is to fill out the [url=]Cities Form[/url] and follow up with your Regional Coordinator or Assistant Regional Coordinator with the request. The coordinator will then ask Waze to make the correction in their database. A side benefit is any polygon with the old city name will be removed at the same time.