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Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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Name inheritance, but signage on consecutive signs are different
If separate or split signs exist for traffic at an exit, but the signs at the ramp fork differ significantly from them, such as being further split or showing additional route numbers or control cities, the following method can be used:
* # Leave the exit ramp unnamed* # At the ramp fork create a turn instruction override for no instruction going into a stub ramp segment of {{:Segment length/Minimum}}* # Name the stub according to the sign at the ''exit''* # At the junction of the stub with the next ramp segment create a turn instruction override to match the expected instruction at the ramp fork, either keep left or right* # Name the next ramp segment according to the sign at the ''ramp fork'' or leave it unnamed to inherit farther ramp names
Because of name inheritance, the shortness of the stub, and the combination of turn instruction overrides, the name of the stub will be used in instructions at the exit, and the name of the ramp past the stub will be used at the ramp fork. This method should only be used when it's not possible to replicate what drivers see on guide signs using simple naming or name inheritance.