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'''Closing a UR as Not Identified'''
:* If there is a cluster of URs and you can not figure out the root of the problem, consider leaving the URs open a little longer to see if another UR comes along to provide more information. This may allow you to solve them all or leave a map comment to track.
:* Fix another issue in the area. While you may not have solved this issue, make sure we are always improving the map. A good practice is to make at least one improvement in the area (fix/add info to a place, update house numbers, add missing speed limits, etc) when marking a UR as Not Identified - this will help future proof the area.
:* Special consideration should be given to URs that have comments, a problem identified, or reasonable Waze routes and/or user traces. In these cases, clusters can potentially form with similar information and the issue can be solved using deductive reasoning. In these cases it's always wise to consult with a state manger for guidance on closing the UR.