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Added a link to the Cities Form to the change/merge section, along with a blurb about high enough ranking editors to make city name changes
== Changing or Merging an Entire City Name ==
Using mass editing tools to change a city name on all segments is strongly discouraged. The - mass editing tools can lead to errors and loss of data. The Some city renames can be done without the involvement of the regional coordinator and Waze staff. If a city rename is desired, please contact a local State Manager to see if the rename can be done by an editor of rank {{Rank|cityrename}}. If this cannot be done or a merge is requested, the correct procedure is to contact fill out the [[Forms#Cities_Form|Cities Form]] and follow up with your Region Regional Coordinator or Assistant Regional Coordinator with the old city name, new city name and a permalink of the center of the arearequest. The coordinator will then ask Waze to make the correction in their database. A side benefit is any polygon with the old city name will be removed at the same time. Merging two cities should also be handled the same way.
== Cities Layer ==