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'''Changing or Merging an Entire City Name'''
Using mass editing tools to change a city name on all segments is strongly discouraged - mass editing tools can lead to errors and loss of data. Some Instead, to rename an entire city renames can be done without the involvement of the regional coordinator and Waze staff. If to a city rename new name that is desirednot used elsewhere in the state, please contact a local State Manager to see if the rename can be done by and an editor of rank {{Rank|cityrename}}, who will be able to rename it. If this cannot be done or a merge is requested, the correct procedure is to fill out the [[Forms#Cities_Form|Cities Form]] and follow up with your Regional Coordinator or Assistant Regional Coordinator with the request. The coordinator will then ask Waze to make the correction in their database. A side benefit is any polygon with the old city name will be removed at the same time. These changes will affect all road segments and places where the city name exists. In the case of a rename, all instances of the former city name will be updated to the new name. In the case of deletion, they will become "no city."