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USA/Northeast/UR Guidance

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===Update Requests===
Any editor can research and reply to an Update Request. Rank 1 editors will need to work with a more senior editor to review and close a UR.
*Day 0 (the day the first message is sent to the reporter): Use aerial view, street view, and the information in the UR to try to solve the UR. If you can fix the problem, do so, and thank the reporter for their help. If not enough information is available '''and''' you cannot identify the problem, respond to the UR asking for more information.
*Day 4 (4 days after the initial message): After 4 days if you haven't received a response from the reporter '''and''' you still cannot identify the problem send a reminder message for more information.
*Day 8 (4 days after the last reminder was sent): If you still haven't received a reply from the report, '''and''' you still cannot identify the problem, you may close the UR as not identified, leaving a message indicating that we did not have enough information to identify the problem.  {{#switch: {{{state|}}}| #default = In this final message you may include the state's email address for the state in which the UR was reported:
**Delaware -
**New Jersey -
**New York -
**Pennsylvania -}} 
*When leaving the e-mail address, request that the reporter put your editor username in the subject line so emails can be auto forwarded to you.<br />''You are not required to use this email address if you don't wish to. However if you do use it, it is strongly recommended you register here: [ Waze NOR Email Subscription]''