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I recorded new roads in the client - what now?
=== I recorded new roads in the client - what now? ===
Your newly recorded roads will not appear in Livemap Live Map until they have been edited in the Waze Map Editor. WME will show unknown roads in red, however, Livemap Live Map will only show small arrows if you zoom right in to indicate that it knows of a street/road with no name. The editing updates will need to be done by either you or the appropriate Area Manager or another user who has also driven close to this road previously.
When the paved road shows up in the Waze Map Editor depends on the drive processing time, which is covered in the ''When do my Drives show up in the Waze Map Editor?'' answer above.
Please log into the Waze Map Editor and edit the details of the road you recorded. You must set the road category, its name, city , and directionality. You must also ensure it is properly connected to other roads to allow Waze to use it correctly for routing.
It is planned to implement functionality in the Waze servers to countdown from the road creation so that they disappear from WME unless they have been edited (something like 30 days) to prevent roads incorrectly recorded from remaining on the Live Map. {{ReturnTop}}