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*[[User:Kartografer/Locking Standard]] draft template adapted to GLR and other regions '''published for USA 2018-12-18'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Lock]] GLR lock standard examples '''published for GLR 2018-12-24'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Routing server]] updates with settings info adapted for use by voludu2 and '''published for USA 20182019-101-24'''
*[[User:Kartografer/0]] invisible character template '''published for USA 2018-12-06'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Pad]] quantifiable spacing template '''published for USA 2018-12-06'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Road types]] improved information on road type continuity, developed in GLR project, '''published for USA 2019-03-28'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Passageway]] new road template for passageway '''published for USA 2019-02-22'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Roundabout Bypass]] new section on roundabouts with bypasses/AGCs
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