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* [[User:Kartografer/Airport]] new national page, '''published for USA 2017-05-15'''
* [[User:Kartografer/Military base]] draft on capitalization
* [[User:Kartografer/Interchange]] rewrite of JSG/Interchanges including Interchange with new geometry and TIO info, '''published for USA 2017-11-20'''
* [[User:Kartografer/Wayfinder]] split from JSG/Interchanges, '''published for USA 2017-11-20'''
* [[Detour Prevention Mechanisms]] worked with voludu2 and subs5 on BDP page rewrite, '''published for USA 2018-02-26'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Locking Standard]] draft template adapted to GLR and other regions, '''published for USA 2018-12-18'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Lock]] GLR lock standard examples, '''published for GLR 2018-12-24'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Routing server]] updates with settings info adapted for use by voludu2 , XL routing and pruning '''published for USA 2019-01-24''' and again '''2019-05-21'''
*[[User:Kartografer/0]] invisible character template '''published for USA 2018-12-06'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Pad]] quantifiable spacing template '''published for USA 2018-12-06'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Places]] draft page for area place size guidance'''published for USA 2019-05-31'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Road types]] improved info on road type continuity, GLR collaboration, '''published for USA 2019-03-28'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Passageway]] new road template for passageway '''published for USA 2019-02-22'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Roundabout]] revision with new section on roundabouts with bypasses/AGCs'''published for USA 2019-05-31'''*[[User:Kartografer/Routing penalties]] improved info on penalties'''published for USA 2019-06-09'''*[[User:Kartografer/MEP]] places with multiple entry points, reordered sections, collapsibles '''published for USA 2019-06-10'''*[[User:Kartografer/Regional Coordinator]] reordered region list and image map '''published for USA 2019-06-14'''*[[User:Kartografer/USA Navbox]] reordered navigation box template '''published for USA 2019-06-14'''*[[User:Kartografer/Parking lot]] clarification of naming guidance with examples*[[User:Kartografer/Category]] new template for place category labels '''published for USA 2019-07-03'''
== Projects ==
* CCP contact starting 2017-06 with City of Columbus/Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
* GEP contact starting 2018-07 with the Ohio State University
* GEP contact starting 2018-10 with the University of Cincinnati* CCP contact starting 2019-04 with Ohio Department of Transportation
* App beta testing with focus on routing (including RBS) and search
* [ US wiki update tracking] and [ monthly summary]
* Waze Cafe in Harrison, OH 2018-12-01
* NA Mega Meetup 2019 in Los Angeles, CA 2019-02-08
== CCP/GEP meetings ==
* Columbus, OH & Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission with TerryPurdue & JustinS83 2017-06-06
* The Ohio State University with buckeyemondo 2018-07-26 & 2018-09-13
* CampusParc 2018-08-06
* University of Cincinnati with RonRover 2018-10-04
* Ohio Department of Transportation 2019-04-09
* Dublin, OH with DaveKS14 2019-05-03
== Mentoring ==