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Communication platforms

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Collaboration and communication among Waze map editors (from beginners to advanced editors) is an important part of improving the map. There are multiple forms of real-time communication available for this purpose.
== Waze Map Editor Chat ==
Waze Map Editor (WME) has a built-in [[Waze Map Editor/Chat|chat feature]] that allows for communication with other editors that are currently using WME. Because this feature is built into WME its use is appealing, however because of the features available and editor attention, Discord is the preferred communication platform.
== Discord ==
[ Discord] is a chat platform that is available in both desktop and mobile formats and is the main form of communication used among Waze map editors. Within a Discord server, multiple channels exist that can serve different purposes. These channels vary from server to server; any questions on them should be posed in the server that is joined.