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Fake U-turn prevention: suggest creating a temporary segment rather than deleting all geometry points
# Move the nodes so that the roundabout segment is {{:Routing penalties/U-turn minimum|less}} long or less.
# On the entry and exit segments, move geometry points very close to the nodes so that at the roundabout segment, the entry and exit segment are within five degrees of parallel.
#* Do not depend upon the sum of angles between the 3 segments unless the roundabout segment is completely straight. You may remove all the geometry points in the short roundabout create a temporary straight segment to check the angles, then undo the change.
If all three criteria are satisfied (three segments in the movement, roundabout segment length and parallelism), a large penalty will be applied to the movement into and out of the U-turn, causing routes involving the at-grade connector to be much more likely..
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